We have received over a thousand emails asking when, where it will be available and how much you have to pay for a Raht Racer.  We are overjoyed by the interest; your emails of support and passion make a huge difference.

Rahtmobile is a manufacturing/tech start up and like other tech start ups, we are seeking funding and/or strategic partnerships to be able to go into production.  If you have interest in participating as an investor, strategic partner, or know of someone who might, please contact founder Rich Kronfeld  –

Q: When will the Raht Racer be available?

A: Once we get funded – in about 2 years.

Q: Where will the Raht be sold?

A: We plan on setting up a dealership in Minnesota at the Mall of America.  We intend on exporting the Raht to as many other countries as possible.  We have received tremendous interest from Canada, Europe and South America.

Q: How can I get on the reservation list?

A: Please indicate that you want to be on the reservation list in your email.  We will be adding a reservation link system to our website soon.

Q: Price?

A:  We intend to be able to make the Raht Racer affordable.  Price will be in the neighborhood of a high end motorcycle – between $15 and $20 thousand.  The Raht is essentially an electric motorcycle, but it has the added features of a composite body, roll cage, 2nd seat, seat belts, anti-lock brakes, traction control, air bag, air system, etc.