On a conventional bicycle, you push down on the pedals and the bike goes 5, 10, 15 mph. In a Raht Racer™, you push down on the pedals and you go 5, 10, 15, 35, 65, 75+ mph. Car speed.  And with the Raht Racer’s safety features of a reinforced composite body, roll cage, seat belts, air bag and car grade lights – you ride safely on all roads and highways.

to go where no bike has gone before

Bikers no longer need be second class citizens, relegated to the side of the road,  in constant fear of bigger, faster vehicles.  With the Raht Racer, the tens of thousands of American highways, freeways & roads previously off limits to bicycles are now open.


Just like a guitar amp, or stereo system, the Raht Racer is an amplifier. Through the use of a motor, battery and other technology, the Raht amplifies your pedal power, or torque into breathtaking, adrenaline pumping speed. Highway speed.  Most of the motive power comes from the battery and motor.  The rider contributes a small amount of current relative to the total power curve, (roughly 2.5 amps out of about 30 amps at 45 mph).  Our intent is that over time, with several generations of models and years of research and testing, we can get the ration of power contributed by the rider to increase to a point where the battery/motor size is significantly smaller.  So one day, the rider is able to contribute more to the motive power of the vehicle.

There will be some who say that a human/electric hybrid vehicle is irrational/impractical; human beings can only contribute a small fraction of the power necessary to make the vehicle operate (150-200Wh in an 4kWh system).  To that opinion, we say, “so what?”  People satisfy their egos every day by buying sports cars capable of going 200 mph that will never go 200 mph and expensive SUV’s that are designed to go off the road that will never be taken off the road.  Like those kinds of vehicles, the Raht will appeal to people’s emotions and desire for power.  Unlike those vehicles, the Raht will appeal to emotions about the environment and emphasize the power of the self, which is true power.  Also keep in mind that your work does go  into the system to extend your range, unlike a stationary bike at an exercise club where all your work is thrown away.  And finally, in our homes, we recycle a very small amount of material in the overall waste stream, but it adds up and it makes us feel better to do our part.  Driving the Raht will also help us to feel we’re doing our part.


The Raht is both a hyper fast, enhanced bike and an “Exercise Machine on Wheels.”  Pre set & user designed workout programs can run while you’re on the road.  You could be driving on the flatlands of North Dakota, but be running a program of the hills of the Tour de France, even while stuck in traffic.  But you never have to burn a single calorie if you don’t want to because the Raht will also work without pedaling.

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